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ENERGY TRANSITION HUB Advantages of the energy transition



Benefits for Gipuzkoa

Gipuzkoa is highly dependent on external sources for its energy. A new energy model would mean:

  • Reduced dependency on energy imports.
  • Reduced economic susceptibility to fluctuations in energy prices.
  • Improved energy efficiency.
  • Lower carbon emissions.
  • New opportunities for companies in the region.
  • Local job creation.

Benefits for companies

The main economic benefits of the energy transition, as envisaged, are:

  • A positive impact on industrial revitalisation.
  • Job creation.
  • Business opportunities for SMEs.
  • Greater profitability in companies.
  • A significant reduction in energy bills and industrial costs.
  • Improved competitiveness.
  • Reduced dependency on imported energy with an associated reduction in costs.
  • Greater energy efficiency.
  • Reduced spending on energy in the home.
  • Additional source of income in the rural milieu from the installations required.

Environmental benefits

Focusing on the environment, we know that renewable energy sources…

  • Are inexhaustible.
  • Are clean and do not generate difficult and costly-to-treat waste.
  • Help reduce emissions of CO2 and other pollutant gases, thus contributing to the fight on climate change.
  • Lead to an improvement in air quality.
  • Foster the sustainable development of communities.

The net result will be a reduction in the climate impact, thus making it possible to meet the government's environmental targets, needed to meet the goals of the Paris Summit.