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The main objective of the Climate Change Observatory is to analyse, observe and control the impact of climate change in our territory, in a bid to centralise and streamline courses of action by a broad spectrum of agents to mitigate and adapt climate change in Gipuzkoa.

Besides providing support for the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council's Department of the Environment in driving and following up Gipuzkoa's Strategy to Combat Climate Change, at the Observatory we also make an effort to coordinate and visibilise sectoral climate action in Gipuzkoa. We capture initiatives and courses of action by various agents in the field, line up the information with the sustainable growth requirements of our territory, and attempt to advise and dynamise all agents contributing to climate action in their areas of competence.

Global climate information

In order to understand what is happening and provide a response to the information Gipuzkoa society is calling for, at the Climate Change Observatory we measure the climate variables that characterise the climate system, such as greenhouse gases, which play a leading role in increasing the temperature of the planet.

These variables such as global warming provide data and a working basis for us to draw up projections and define climate scenarios for Gipuzkoa. The next pdf shows the main climate variables to be taken into account, in order to understand developments in global warming, and make a distinction between adaptation to climate change and mitigation of the effects of climate change. Basic issues to gain an insight into what is happening, and why.

Global climate information (PDF)

Territorial climate information

In addition to global projections and observations, a diagnosis is required on the scale of the territory in order to take account of its specifics. Climate change is global, but its impact on each territory is unique, because it depends on the orographic, geographic, economic and social peculiarities of the territory.

Due to the vulnerability of our territory with over 80 kilometres of coastline, at Naturklima we strive to identify the main risks to the territory and the impacts of climate change in Gipuzkoa, to enable plans to be made and adaptation measures to be taken for the territory of Gipuzkoa.

Territorial climate information (PDF)


At the Observatory we work on defining the behaviour of the climate system in Gipuzkoa, from its cities to the forest and coastal ecosystems.

Observation and analysis of the impact of climate or greenhouse gas emissions and developments in these phenomena furnish essential data to draw up patterns of development and create statistics and graphs to help the political, economic and social agents of Gipuzkoa to comprehend what is happening and what may happen in the Territory. This is the only way to work together to seek out, design and implement policies and initiatives to combat climate change.

At the Observatory, therefore, we focus on three key studies for Gipuzkoa:

  • Climate Change in Gipuzkoa. A four-yearly report which will assess the impact of this phenomenon on the territory. 
  • Inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in Gipuzkoa. An annual report to measure and appraise achievement of the objectives of Gipuzkoa's Strategy to Combat Climate Change.
  • Sectoral or seasonal impacts, or impacts of exceptional situations. Occasional reports with no specific regularity to assess the risk and impact on certain strategic sectors in Gipuzkoa.